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menu types header

The demos are definitely not flashy to say the least.

The color, shapes, backgrounds, etc. are as
plain, ugly
and boring as you can get.

The point is to get the ON and OFF states of the buttons and links to work
and to make them correspond to the web page URL.

If you have Fireworks, here is a short tutorial on how to work with buttons and make your own customizations so they will look just right for your website.

Let's get real. Sooner or later, you are going to have to start making your own custom images and/or buttons if you want your website to get noticed.
It's sort of like a business card or a company sign. People can tell if it's from a free generic business card that was got off, for example, a company, Or if you spent some time customizing it to the service, product, or information you offer.

And if you are going to spend all this time on a website, why not spend a little more time and do it right. You already know that the Template and Menu Hot Sauce product can do almost all of your website, all you have do is customize it to your liking. You'll be glad you did.

NOTE: All Demo Websites below and Fireworks PNG image files are included with the licensed version. The Fireworks image files are so you can customize your buttons/tabs just like you want them to look.
  1. Menu Quick Viewer

  2. CSS Buttons for Combo Horizontal + Vertical Tree Lists

  3. Horizontal

  4. Vertical Tree

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