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menu types header

  1. IOTA - Special Logo
    three (3) way auto positioning layout with logos on left and right top banner

    Try resizing the width of your browser for this demo and see how the right banner
    stays flush with the right side of the browser while also keeping the horizontal lines maximized. This might not seem much to some people, but it's a 3-column layout, the middle body text flows, the heights are all the same for the 3 columns lines and it's cross browser, including Netscape 4.7. This is not easy to do in any sense. Even CSS experts have to employ a multitude of hacks just to get a 3-column boxed 'lined' layout for it to have any cross browser compliance. And if you are using CSS-P, you can definately forget it working in Netscape 4.7x.

    IOTA Demo with Advanced JavaScript and auto positioning logo/banner
  2. IOTA
    three (3) way with glass tabs and JavaScript rollovers

  3. GAMMA
    three (3) way with tabs and JavaScript rollovers

    three (3) way with tabs

  5. DELTA
    three (3) way menu bar

  6. CHI
    two (2) way menu bar over 3 columns

  7. BETA
    two (2) way menu bar w/ multi-colored buttons & sub-navbar border lines

NOTE: All menus are cross-browser compliant and searchable via search
engines regardless of whether is it is stated on the demo site or not.
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