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Dependent ListBoxes
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  1. Dependent ListBoxes for selecting data

  2. Example: Select all employees under the same manager. Or all cities within a state

  3. Code Samples MS Access Database and MS SQL Server

  4. Three (3) versions for quick and easy installation as well as to minimize customization time. (OleDb for Access, SQL DataAdapter without Stored Procedures, and SQL DataReader with Stored Procedures

  5. Written in ASP.NET and C# and VB.NET (both versions are included together with the download)

  6. Works and tested for Dreamweaver MX

  7. Can just as well run with VisualStudio.NET

  8. Simple Architecture

  9. Uses Just In Time (JIT) compiling for speed

  10. Download single zip file.

  11. NO .DLL's are needed for this to run NOR are any DLL's Created...

  12. Full access to Clean Source Code


  1. Just UnZip the files into your web folder

  2. Open the file in Macromedia MX and Hit F12
    (for VS.NET, hit F5)
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