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  1. Reports and Lists via E-Mail from an easy to use Web Interface.

  2. All Reports can be easily created and E-Mailed by non-technical personnel.

  3. Includes Dual ListBoxes for selecting and Reordering Data as well as controlling how much data to include in your E-Mail(i.e. 1000 rows are too much for an e-mail report)

  4. Five (5) Report Categories are already available and ready for immediate use.

  5. Four (4) Time Periods are already built in and ready for use immediately: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.

  6. Reference reports can show the list of Customers, Employees, Products

  7. Lists can also be sorted via ABC, or by Sales or by Quantity

  8. Re-Ordering List Boxes can produce On-Call Lists, Priority Call Lists, On-Duty Lists, etc

  9. E-Mail are already PRE-formatted for easy reading.

  10. Using E-Mail is great way for portability as well as record keeping.

  11. Can be easily sent to pager or Cell Phone via Web Messaging

  12. Knowledge of writing a SQL query to access your information is necessary.

  13. Written in ASP.NET and C# (VB.NET will be included a little later, just request it and it can expedited to be released in a day or so)

  14. The C# version is just like a web page with JavaScript in it. IT'S that EASY.

  15. Can work in Dreamweaver MX or VisualStudio.NET

  16. Just UnZip the files into your web folder and hit run(F5 VS.NET) or F12 (Dreamweaver MX) to see work.

  17. NO .DLL's are needed for this to run NOR are any DLL's Created...

  18. Full access to Clean Source Code


  1. Just UnZip the files into your web folder
  2. Open the file in Macromedia MX and Hit F12
    (for VS.NET, hit F5)
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