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Extreme Tree Menus
Tree Menu Navigation - Extreme Cross-Browser CompliantOMEGA - XTree Menu: Full Tree Menu System
An all-around tree menu system
  1. Multi-Level Tree Menu

  2. Unlimited Levels
    with context highlighting. Note: it's best not to add too many levels or you may have very little room on the right hand side to work with.

  3. Full Auto Updating: Fully integrated with Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004
  4. If you change or rename a file name in Dreamweaver, its corresponding links and url's are updated. If you move a file to a different folder, it's links are also automatically updated via Dreamweaver.

  5. Full Customization
    Menu items (and guide lines) can be
    1. images: e.g.
    2. text: e.g. Annual Report
    3. both images and text (e.g.- Annual Report)
    4. custom images any image you can create with a graphics program like Fireworks, PhotoShop, PaintShop, etc. will also work.
    5. animated images
    6. large images
    7. custom lines (e.g. dotted lines, dash-dot lines, red lines, blue lines, no lines, etc. )
    8. multiple text line menu items - for really long text descriptions that spread over two or more lines
    9. indenting - the second line can be indented via simple html non-breaking spaces (i.e.  )
    10. blank separator menu items if you have a long list of menu items that need to be broken into groups (this could and maybe should be in a separate node to begin with, but the choice is yours))

  6. MAXIMUM Performance
    Existing tree menus require the use of frames, a server side dll, very complex CSS, and/or complicated javascript. Because the entire site menu must be loaded for each page, this will result in very slow performance.

  7. FOR DEVELOPERS: Tips on Tree Menu Database Architecture
    • Customized User Portals
    • Real-Time Data
    If you are a developer or programmer, please read the Tree Menu Database Architecture do's and don'ts information regarding user portals and real time data via databases.

  8. Embedded Breadcrumbs
    (Please see the above picture in the top-right corner of
    this page to see what a breadcrumb looks like)

    Each level is highlighted to allow the user to quickly see main categories on the tree menu for faster surfing just like regular breadcrumbs.

  9. No Frames Required
    NOTE: pay close attention to competitors products as they may need frames to make it work.

  10. Bookmarkable Tree Menu System
    Drag and drop any link of the tree menu into your Favorites folder.

  11. No Server-Side DLL's Required
    Some tree menus require you to install a server side DLL on the web server to get it to work. This system doesn't require it.

  12. No complicated JavaScript needed. In fact, the only JavaScript used is simple rollover code. Most Tree menus have to use very complicated javascript to make it work or some server side .DLL item.

  13. Extreme Cross-Browser Compatibility
    (e.g. things will line up properly.)
    This works in Netscape 4.x browsers and visually impaired screen readers, Section 508 compliance. No worrying about the menu being too wide or overlapping in this other browser. Uses simple table tags that consistently work in any browser.

  14. Auto-Toggle Expand/Collapse for faster surfing
    (Just like your Microsoft I.E. Favorites Panel)

  15. No CSS hacks or workarounds used.
    No worrying about whether the menu is misaligned or chopped off in this browser but works well in that other browser. No complicated CSS used. Thus, CSS workarounds and hacks for cross-browser compliance are not needed. That's why it can be used on Netscape 4.x browsers, Macs, and screen readers

    NOTE: Beware of menus systems that partially work in Netscape 4.x or Mac and use descriptions such as , i.e. 'gracefully degrade' or 'fully expanded menus' "Fully Expanded Menus" means your left navigation menu is going to be a mile in length on every single webpage and you end up scrolling forever to get to the bottom of the page.
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