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ALPHA - basic two (2) way menu bar

    Double (2) Menu System
  1. TOP-NAVBAR - Context Highlighting
  2. SUB-NAVBAR - Context Highlighting

  3. BODY - Collapsible Width for different Monitor Sizes and Display Resolutions

  1. This Nested Template is kept simple in order for you to easily adapt it with your existing templates as well as understand what is going on, "template programming-wise" as it can get pretty confusing.

  2. Nevertheless, because it's using Templates and Library Items, massive changes across the entire web site can be made with the click of the button. AND massive changes across a selected part of the web site can also be made.

  3. Nested Templates are great for big sites that have their own sections while maintaining a consistent navigation across the entire site. Moreover, each section can also have customization that will also propagate through it's own set of pages.

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